Smart Home Lighting Control

One of the most crucial components of home automation is lighting management. Without fully integrated lighting, blinds, and climate management, no smart home is complete. In a home, automated lighting functions on numerous levels. It unifies wall-mounted switch blocks into a single attractive keypad or touch screen for aesthetic purposes. Remote control of the lighting system is also possible from another room in the house.

Accessible Home Automation Systems

Imagine having a simple touchscreen control, like the one on your Apple iPad, that would allow you to dim any light in the home from your bedroom. A “scene” can be created using automated lighting control, which is a fantastic additional feature. This saves time and money by enabling several lights to be turned on simultaneously with a single touch.  When you return home, for instance, you can press a button that instantly illuminates all of those places to predetermined dimming levels rather than going around and spending some time turning on the five or six lights you want to have on all the time. Your monthly electric bill will go down if you keep the lights on a preset dimmer setting, easily covering the upfront cost of lighting control.

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jFab Design Can Install the Best in Home Lighting

The best environmental control can be achieved by combining these lighting control systems with motorized window treatments, your heating and cooling system, and other devices. Controlled blinds can be raised at specific times of day to minimize cooling costs in your home and lowered again at other times to let natural light in instead of artificial lighting.

As always, jFab Design offers lighting control devices from Lutron and works with you to design all the lighting in your space. Make an appointment with one of our lighting design experts to learn how much energy you might be able to save.