Professional Home Theater Installation

Who wouldn’t want their own home theater? While the overall effect and entertainment value are great, home theater installation can be tricky. A large screen (either a TV or a projection screen) that must be installed safely and positioned so that it is straight and level, a projector that must be attached to a ceiling and must also be level, an assortment of speakers scattered throughout the room – and so many cables, wires, and connectors to make it all work together. Fortunately, the experts at jFab Design have been working in the home theater installation industry for many years and are familiar with how to avoid all the problems that can happen when trying to install an audio visual system in your home.

Custom Home Theaters

jFab Design offers complete ground-up home theater builds to suit your style. From open-concept viewing areas to acoustically engineered rooms that will leave the big box theaters in the dust-we have a solution for you. From laser projectors to motorized custom seating there is no other room in the home that will receive more attention. jFab Design will handle every detail of your theater project from the building, electrical, and finishes all the way to the most important part-the video and audio. Whether you want a 8 foot screen or 24 foot screen we can handle it all.

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What Goes Into A Home Theater Installation?

Although the screen captures most of the focus, numerous factors contribute to creating the ideal home theater environment. The home theater installation professionals at jFab Design, LLC have experience with the entire process from start to finish.

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Advantages of a Home Theater Installation

Why not bring the theater experience to you instead of going to the movies? You can enjoy a big entertainment experience in another room – only feet away – with a home theater system installation. A private cinema also elevates the experience of watching movies. Movie night becomes an exciting event over which you have ultimate control. You may be wondering what it means to have a home theater.

Added Value to Your Home

According to past surveys, selling a home with smart technology is easier than selling one without. If you decide to sell your home in the future, smart home technologies and home theater systems will attract potential buyers.

High-Quality Audio & Visuals

Excellent audio enhances the emotional impact of films. That is why a surround-sound system that surrounds you is essential. Surround sound brings action movies, live sporting events, and epic dramas to life. Also, a much larger screen with modern technologies and more pixels provides more detail in every scene.

Perfect Gathering and Party Space

Who doesn’t enjoy watching an exciting sporting event or a superb action movie on a big screen? Consider watching the World Series or Super Bowl in your own home theater as opposed to going out to a pub where loud music and people can distract you. A home theater system can accommodate the entertainment needs of your entire family and friends.

Design the Perfect Home Entertainment Experience

Home theaters are built to provide a comfortable cinematic experience at home for movie buffs and TV show binge-watchers. jFab Design is prepared to work with you to design a space your family will enjoy for years, including 4K projectors, self-masking projection screens, high-performance audio, theater seating, acoustic treatments, and lighting control.

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We know that not everyone is looking for a mini movie theater in their home, and while we can certainly do that, at jFab Design we can help you simply mount your flat-screen TV and set up a surround sound system. Give us a call at 1-215-853-8228 or contact us to discuss your vision for your entertainment room.